Materials & Methods

PLASMA CUTTING – The Key to our Unique Look
At Chicago Custom Metal Signs, we use a plasma cutting torch in the “hands” of a computer-controlled robot to produce our signs. It’s faster than waterjet, less expensive than laser, but messier than either.
Plasma cutting tends to leave an unusual residue along the edge of some materials, especially copper, stainless steel and pre-painted steel. Some projects also exhibit some heat stress, meaning the metal distorts a little and no longer lays dead flat. We think this looks totally cool and gives our products an “edgy”, hip, urban feel. Following are examples of each of the materials we most commonly use. Study our photo galleries carefully if you are not sure if our style is for you.

We currently offer signs and stencils in 1/8″ thick uncoated Cold-Rolled Steel. This is an uncoated metal that is excellent for a rustic look. It also works very well as a stencil for wood burning with a blow torch. It does rust, especially if it will be outside.